Zoysia Nara

Zoysia Nara - Low maintenance, drought tolerant

Scientific Name - Zoysia Macrantha

Zoysia Nara is native to the Queensland coastline, often found growing in very salty positions.  Macranthas are usually very slow growing, however Nara is a fast growing version of this variety and therefore has minimal weed issues.

Zoysia macrantha is a native coastal grass that is naturally found on the east coast of Australia. This means that Nara Zoysia perfectly suits the tough Australian climate. It can handle hot, dry climates, humid climates and cold (even Canberra). Its ability to work Australia-wide makes Nara turf the perfect complement for any native garden or landscape.

Low maintenance

Nara native turf is a no-fuss lawn and needs less mowing than Buffalo and Couch varieties.  Less edging is another benefit, as there will be a smaller chance of it invading your garden.  A Nara lawn needs two fertiliser applications per year with slow release fertiliser, or more if it is subject to a lot of wear. See http://myhometurf.com.aufor more information on care.

Extremely drought tolerant

Due to its vigorous rhizomes, it is far more drought tolerant than grasses such as Buffalo. Nara turf becomes dormant in severe drought to survive.  Nara native turf is a real drought survivor!

Shade tolerance: Recommended for up to 50% shade in areas with low wear and up to 30% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.

Drought tolerance: Excellent drought tolerance. It thrives in hot, humid and desert areas.  Cold tolerance: Excellent cold tolerance. Tested down to -12°c.

Mowing height and frequency: Mow 30-35mm high in sun, 45mm high in shade. On average, mow every two weeks in summer and every four weeks in cold periods.

Disease and pest tolerance: Nara Zoysia copes well with our bugs and insects, probably because it built up immunity over the millions of years of development as a native species of Australia. A few introduced pest species and the odd native one may cause problems occasionally. It seems to be far more resistant to black beetle, army worm, and web worm than Couch and Buffalo.

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